Algebraic Topology was in its origin an area of pure mathematics with deep algebraic and geometrical roots, which has had an intense development in the last 120 years. However, in this period this discipline has become the core of several areas of application-oriented research using algebraic topology methods in biology, statistics, engineering, computer sciences… The growing number of these interactions has given rise to the field of applied and computational algebraic topology.

This session is therefore mainly devoted to the computational aspects of this emerging field in all possible directions which include, but are not restricted to:

Computational algebraic topology
Computational homological algebra
Computational topological dynamics
Coding theory and cohomology of groups
Topological Image analysis and processing
Topological data analysis
Stochastic algebraic topology
Topological pattern recognition
Topological robotics
Concurrency and distributed computing

Thus, as a sequel of the successful sessions held in ACA2010, ACA2011 and ACA2013 on the same subject held, our aim is to welcome contributions with an active interest in potential and actual applications of algebraic topology in the lines above as well as the computational techniques and problems related to algorithmic algebraic topology.


Talk submission deadline: May 15, 2015(Extended!!: June 5, 2015)

Notification of acceptance:June 1, 2015(Extended!!: June 25,2015)

ACA2015 conference: July 20-23,2015


It is planned to have 12-15 half an hour contributed talks in the session. If you are interesting in giving a talk, abstracts or extended abstracts (up to two pages, including references) must be submitted in electronic format as LaTeX source+compiled PDF files before the submission deadline (May 15th) both to one of the organizers and also to our online workshop management system

It is planned to compile an electronic (PDF) book of abstracts for the entire meeting ACA2015.
Please use the following LaTex templateDownload file "art1.tex"for your abstract.

There will be a volume of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics series devoted to ACA 2015 (see this link for more info). For the volume we welcome full versions of papers presented at any of the ACA2015 Special Sessions. Individual contributions will be all refereed to the high quality standards of leading journals in the field. We will announce with enough time the deadline date of submission asap. The submission of full versions for this volume is planned to be by end September, 2015.



Graham Ellis
School of Mathematics,
National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Marian Mrozek
Institute of Computer Science and Computational Mathematics
Jagiellonian University, Poland

Aniceto Murillo
Departamento de Algebra, Geometria y Topologia,
Universidad de Malaga, Spain

P. Real
Institute of Mathematics (IMUS)
Dept. of Applied Mathematics I
University of Seville, Spain

Eduardo Saenz de Cabezon
Mathematics and Computation,
Universidad de La Rioja, La Rioja, Spain


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