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Proceedings of the
ISRA 2007 Seville
ISBN: 978-84-690-8267-6  
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Avda. R. Mercedes 2
41012 Sevilla
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International Symposium on Room Acoustics
Seville, 10 - 12 September 2007
Satellite Symposium of the 19th International Congress on Acoustics

ISRA 2007 Sevilla CD-ROM Proceedings

8. Index of Abstracts

KN1 Auditory spatial impression in concert halls
Morimoto, Masayuki
KN2 The acoustics of the Hellenistic Theatre of Epidaurus: the important role of the seat rows
Declercq, Nico F.; Dekeyser, Cindy S. A.
KN3 Acoustics and architecture in Italian Catholic churches
Cirillo, Ettore; Martellota, Francesco
KN4 Acoustics in coupled rooms: modeling and data analysis
Xiang, Ning; Summers, Jason
KN5 Room acoustics in virtual reality
Michael Vorländer
KN6 Room acoustic simulations of multi-source environments
Rindel, Jens Holger; Christensen, Claus Lynge
P01 The sonic space in architectural design. How architects and urban designers should take sound as a design tool for creating space in architecture and the city
Rodriguez-Manzo, Fausto E.; Garay, Elisa
P02 Investigation of the noise attenuation from outdoor to indoor of typical residential buildings in China
Xie, Hui
P03 Modal energy density influence on in situ sound reduction index measurements
Rolón, Sebastián; Montoya, Adrián; Pesse, Ricardo
P04 Acoustics of Peruvian catholic cathedrals of the colonial era: an experimental study
Jiménez Dianderas, Carlos R.; Recuero López, Manuel
P05 Acoustics of Mudejar-Gothic churches
Girón, Sara; Galindo, Miguel; Zamarreño, Teófilo
P06 Predicted and measured acoustic parameters in churches
Galindo, Miguel; Zamarreño, Teófilo, Girón, Sara
P07 La Philharmonie de Paris concert hall competition, part 2: the competition
Kahle, Eckhard ; Wulfrank, Thomas; Jurkiewicz, Yann; Faillet, Nathalie; Katz, Brian FG
P08 Room acoustics simulations using head-related transfer functions of children and adults
Fels, Janina; Schröder, Dirk; Vorländer, Michael
P09 Relationship between scattering coefficients of walls and diffusion in a room
Hanyu, Toshiki
P10 Acoustical characterization of some classrooms of the University of Extremadura, Spain
Gómez Escobar, V.; Barrigón Morillas, J. M.; Méndez Sierra, J.A.; Vílchez-Gómez, R.; Carmona del Río, J.
P11 How many point sources is needed to represent strings in auralization?
Lokki, Tapio
P12 Effect of orchestra pit arrangement on sound strength in Wroclaw Opera House
Rudno-Rudzinski, Krzysztof
P13 Changing the early reflections in vineyard concert halls
Chiang, Wei-hwa; Chen, Yi-run
P14 A basic study on the difference of preference on acoustic condition between conductor and players in orchestra
Tokunaga, Yasunobu; Terashima, Takane
P15 Acoustical treatment of the Carolina Coronado theatre in Almendralejo. The employment in theatre of a dynamic acoustic shell with diffusers
Martín Castizo, Manuel; Maderuelo Sanz, Rubén; Bejarano Durán, Fernando; Durán Ara, Javier
P16 Measurements in the new Salle Pleyel
Defrance, Guillaume; Polack, Jean-Dominique; Katz, Brian FG
P17 Non-plane reflecting surfaces in room acoustics
Sumbatyan, Mezhlum A.; Boyev, Nikolay V.
P18 Reconstruction of the opera hall in Maribor – case study
Mijic, Miomir; Dragana, Sumarac Pavlovic
P19 How to improve speech intelligibility in class- and lecture rooms
Čudina, Mirko; Prezelj, Jurij
P20 Changes in reverberation affect speech intelligibility within the classroom
Oiticica, Maria Lúcia G. da R.; Bertoli, Stelamaris Rolla
P21 Concepts of room acoustics in environmental noise maps
Schreurs, Eric; Jabben, Jan
P22 Utilization of waste materials for sound absorption
Vašina, Martin
P23 The acoustic design of the main hall of the “Alma Mater Studiorum”
Tronchin, Lamberto; Tarabusi, Valerio
P24 From Prometheus's Arc to Akiyoshidai. Principles of stage design for the "multifocal" repertoire of the second half of the XX century
Moreno Soriano, Susana; Carretero Lorente, Clara; Carballal Luengo, Pablo; Martínez Sanz, Ignacio
P25 Evaluation of acoustic properties of floating floors and materials used under floating floors for approval and certification aims. Classification of stiffness and impact sound reduction applied in Poland
Mirowska, Marianna; Tomczyk, Pawe?
P26 A general acoustic characterization of the Maestranza theatre in Seville
Bustamante, Pedro; Zamarreño, Teófilo; Girón, Sara; Galindo, Miguel; Sendra, Juan José
S01 The acoustical improvement of historic monuments Saint Joseph chapel - a case-study
Schmich, Isabelle; Bruder, Pierre
S02 A study of room acoustical conditions in multi functional “project studios”
Westbrandt, Anders; Gustaffson, Jan-Inge
S03 Research on ceiling of acoustics in concert hall
Mingchiu, Tu
S04 The acoustics of a quarry, who needs an Acoustician?
Halmrast, Tor
S06 Reflection of sound from concave surfaces
Vercammen, Martijn
S07 On the acoustical characteristics of a balloon
Nash, Anthony
S08 Reverberation time in rooms with non-diffuse sound field
Rossell, Ivana; Artís, Pere
S09 A case history of coupled volumes in an historical opera house
Cappello, Diego; Prodi, Nicola; Pompoli, Roberto
S10 The application of Kapok fiber as sound absoption material in real auditorium
J. Sarwono; W. Subowo; J. Onggo; A. Emil
S11 The effects of source directivity on seats surrounding the platform in recital halls
Lin, Wei; Chiang, Wei-hwa
S12 Acoustics measurement and simulation from church “GKI Taman Cibunut”, Bandung, Indonesia
Sarwono, J.; Soelami, FX.N.
S13 Predicting measurement uncertainties caused by source orientation
San Martín, Ricardo; Aramendía, Emilio; Arana, Miguel
S15 On the spatial variation of double-sloped decay in coupled-volume concert halls
Billon, Alexis
S17 On the influence of the ceiling profile on the distribution of room acoustical parameters and reverberation time
Stephenson, Uwe M.
S18 Comparison between optimum proportions and Bonello criterion for rectangular rooms
Delannoy, Jaime
S19 A theoretical analysis of multi-modal bass-trapping resonators coupled to control-room acoustics
Antunes, José; Inácio, Octávio
S20 Acoustics for large scale indoor pop events
Lautenbach, Margriet; Heringa, Peter; Vercammen, Martijn
S21 Verkatehdas Hall, the new cultural center for Hämeenlinna, Finland
Moller, Henrik; Ilomäki, Tapio; Auvinen, Janne; Ruusuvuori, Anssi
S23 Two new concert halls in Luxembourg and Valladolid (Spain)
Xu, Albert
S24 La Philharmonie de Paris concert hall competition, part 1: acoustic brief
Kahle, Eckhard; Jurkiewicz, Yann; Faillet, Nathalie; Wulfrank, Thomas; Katz, Brian FG
S25 Variable acoustics of theatre "de Spiegel" in Zwolle (NL)
Luykx, Maarten; Mertkemeijer, Rob; Vercammen, Martijn
S26 Acoustics in rock and pop music halls
Adelman-Larsen, Niels Werner; Thompson, Eric R.; Gade, Anders Christian
S27 On-site measurements of absorption coefficients of pews with and without occupation
Cirillo, Etore; D’Alba, Michele; Della Crociata, Sabina; Martellotta, Francesco
S28 Acoustical characteristics of 33 theatres and concert halls in Portugal
Santiago, Francisco; Inácio, Octávio
S29 Acoustic analysis of the St. Mark’s basilica in Venice by means of quadraphonic impulse response measurements
Bonsi, Davide; Stanzial, Domenico
S30 Comparative acoustical studies of two Goan churches
Tavares, Menino Allan S.M. Peter; Rajagopalan, S.; Satish, Jagannath
S31 Quality assessment of room acoustics using continuity preserving signal processing
Van Dorp Schuitman, Jasper; De Vries, Diemer
S32 Investigations of stage acoustics for a symphony orchestra
Berntson, Alf; Andersson, Johan
S33 Modelling the sound transmission through partition walls using a diffusion model
Billon, Alexis; Foy, Cédric; Valeau, Vincent; Picaut, Judicaël; Sakout, Anas
S34 Efficiency of acoustical parallel computing by bread slicing method
Tokita, Yasuhiro; Oikawa, Yasuhiro; Yamasaki, Yoshio
S35 The potential for finite difference time domain in room acoustics
Redondo, J.; Picó, R.; Avis, M. R.
S36 Investigations of multi-channel auralization technique for various orchestra arrangements, with phase-shifted string sections
Vigeant, Michelle C.; Wang, Lily M.
S38 A new room acoustics model based on a combined image source/hierarchical radiosity approach
Alarcão, Diogo; Bento Coelho, J. L.
S39 Formulation of a locally reacting wall in finite difference modelling of acoustic spaces
Kowalczyk, Konrad; van Walstijn, Maarten
S40 Measurements of sound scattering of the steps of the cavea in ancient open air theatres
Farnetani, Andrea; Prodi, Nicola; Pompoli, Roberto
S42 Spherical microphone array beampattern design for improved room acoustics analysis
Rafaely, Boaz; Koretz, Amitai; Winik, Roni; Agmon, Morag
S43 Miniature loudspeaker for acoustical scale model test
Oguchi, Keiji
S44 Classroom acoustics measurement and evaluation
Nils-Ǻke, Andersson; Erling, Nilsson
S45 Subjective evaluations of the acoustical qualities of Sejong chamber hall
You, Jin; Sato, Shin-ichi; Jeon, Jin Yong
S46 Why do concert halls sound different - and how can we design them to sound better?
Griesinger, David
S47 Effect of geometrical shape on the characteristics of sound diffusers in 1:50 scale model concert halls
Jeon, Jin Yong; Sato, Shin-ichi
S48 Learning from past: ancient theatres of Anatolia
Yilmaz Karaman, Ozgul
S52 Speech intelligibility in mosques
Orfali, Wasim; Ahnert, Wolfgang
S53 Subjective quality of recording studios degigns
Briones Ramos, Juan José
S54 Effect of diffuser locations on sound field in a 1:25 scale model hall
Sato, Shin-ichi; Kim, Yong Hee; Jeon, Jin Yong
S55 Multimodal propagation of sound in streets
Pelat, Adrien; Ayrault, Christophe; Richoux, Olivier; Félix, Simon
S56 Waveguide modes of a long open enclosure
Félix, Simon; Pelat, Adrien; Pagneux, Vincent
S57 The comparison of analytic and measured reverberation time of underground stations
Nowicka, Elzbieta
S58 The flexible bass absorber
Adelman-Larsen, Niels Werner; Thompson, Eric R.; Gade, Anders Christian
S59 Higher order moments of free path length distribution
Šumarac Pavlović, Dragana; Mijić, Miomir
S60 Experiences with a new live sound measurement tool
Ahnert, Wolfgang; Feistel, Stefan; Miron, Alexandru; Finder, Enno
S61 The acoustic design of Oslo opera house
Newton, Jeremy; Harris, Rob