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Proceedings of the
ISRA 2007 Seville
ISBN: 978-84-690-8267-6  
ETS Arquitectura
Avda. R. Mercedes 2
41012 Sevilla
phone: +34 954555981
cellular: +34 635143664
fax: +34 954557892

International Symposium on Room Acoustics
Seville, 10 - 12 September 2007
Satellite Symposium of the 19th International Congress on Acoustics

ISRA 2007 Sevilla CD-ROM Proceedings

1. Presentation

Welcome to International Symposium on Room Acoustics (ISRA 2007 SEVILLA).

This symposium has been planned as a Satellite Symposium of ICA 2007, the 19th International Congress on Acoustics, in Madrid. This satellite symposium is organized to continue the earlier satellite symposium of ICA which had been focused on room acoustics: in Edinburgh as the satellite of ICA 1974 London, in Vancouver as the satellite of ICA 1986 Toronto, and in Hiogo as the satellite of ICA 2004 Kioto.

The ISRA 2007 SEVILLA International Symposium covers all topics; both theoretical and experimental, physical and psychological studies on room acoustics, as well as practical design of auditoria, concert halls, classrooms, public spaces, and any other built environments. We believe that this international acoustic event will be a great opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge, thus contributing to the improvement of our common activity. We have selected as main topics:

  • Open air space acoustics.
  • Design and room acoustics.
  • Room acoustics simulation.
  • Worship building acoustics.

The symposium program consists of 6 keynote lectures from leading researchers in different countries and topics and 80 contributed papers, presented as oral sessions (54) and poster sessions (26). I hope this symposium will become a golden opportunity to exchange ideas and to renew our friendship and an incubator for future progress of research and development of room acoustics.

Juan José Sendra
Chairman, Organizing Committee