Sevilla ICIAM 2019 | Workshop
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Workshop on PDEs for Biology systems

Instituto de Matemáticas, IMUS

Sevilla, April 8th-10th 2019

Workshop Description

Mathematical models for biological systems is a challenging topic in the last years (in fact 2018 is the Year of Mathematical Biology).
An increasing scientific and social interest in the mathematical modelling of living systems is being observed, specially in processes related to the development of human diseases.

This workshop focuses on (but is not limited to) the following three main PDE models:

  • PDEs modelling chemotaxis
  • Population models and Cross-Diffusion
  • Phase-field models in tumors

This workshop want to be a meeting point where the last scientific (applied mathematics) advances are presented, and research people share knowledgement, from theoretical and numerical analysis, numerical simulation and optimal control points of view.

For each topic, two main conferences will be hold by the invited speakers, together with some short communications and posters presented by the participants.