Thursday, 13th Sept.
 9.45-10.00: Opening

10.00-10.45: Steve Marron (U. North Carolina at Chapell Hill). Title: Data Science in Context: Object Oriented Data Analysis
10.45-11.30: Montserrat Guillén (U. Barcelona). Title:Driving data: from Poisson to risk regression models

11.30-12.00: coffee break

12.00-12.45: Francisco Gude (University Clinical Hospital of Santiago). Title: Data Science in Health)
12.45-13.30: Isabel Molina (U. Carlos III Madrid). Title: Poverty mapping in small areas

13.30-15.00: Lunch

15.00-15.45: Stefano Cabras (U. Carlos III Madrid). Title: Goodness of Fit in ABC setting
15.45-16.15: Vanesa Guerrero (U. Carlos III Madrid). Title: Making Factor Analysis interpretable.
16.15-16.35: M. Asunción Jiménez (IMUS). Title: On Variable Selection in Supervised Learning for Functional Data

19.00-20.00: Social visit 
20.00-22.00: Dinner 
Friday, 14th September

  9.20-9.40: Cristina Molero (IMUS). Title: Sparsity on Optimal Randomized Classification Trees
 9.40-10.00: M. Remedios Sillero-Denamiel (IMUS). Title: The Constrained Lasso (CLasso)
10.00-10.45: Dolores Romero (Copenhagen Business School). Title: Towards interpretability in Data Science)
10.45-11.30: Ricardo Cao (U. A Coruña). Title: Nonparametric mean estimation for big-but-biased data

11.30-12.00: coffee break

12.00-12.45: Juan Miguel Morales (U. Málaga). Title: Predicting via data-driven inverse optimization: Application to power demand forecasting
12.45-13.15: Alba V. Olivares (U. Pablo de Olavide). Title: MINLP tools to unravel potential relationships in linear models
13.15-13.35: Sandra Benítez Peña (IMUS). Title: Estimating Probabilities in Support Vector Machines
13.35-15.00: Lunch