September 21-22, Seville, Spain

XXIX General Assembly of the Compostela Group of Universities

XXIX General Assembly of the Compostela Group of Universities (University of Seville, 21-22 September 2023)

The University of Seville-US is proud to host the XXIX General Assembly of the Compostela Group of Universities-CGU on 21-22 September 2023.

Under the title 'Networks of networks, wisely approaching the future’, the meeting means an opportunity to present the main international networks covering Latin America, their dimension and their programmes, to discuss the possibilities of collaboration with these networks on issues of common interest, and to discover new opportunities for development through the CGU.

Besides, the event represents a turning point for the network community as this year is the period for elections to the CGU’s Presidency and so to highlight the progress achieved so far and to agree on potential new horizons.

But not only that, various activities of celebration, culture and idiosyncrasy at our campuses in Seville and Andalucia Tech in the nearby city of Malaga await you. I do call for participation and welcome all members of the CGU General Council, guests and colleagues to the US. The XXIX General Assembly is a charming meeting for our community that we look forward to sharing with all of you.

Miguel Ángel Castro Arroyo

XXIX General Assembly of the Compostela Group of Universities

When Will Start

Thursday to Friday September 21 to 22, 2023

Where is located

Universidad de Sevilla, San Fernando, 4. Seville. Spain.

Preliminary programme

Follow Programme

  • Tuesday

    19th September 2023

  • Wednesday

    20th September 2023

  • Thursday

    21st September 2023

  • Friday

    22nd September 2023

  • 18.00 h Registration of participants (Rectorado entrance hall).

  • 18.30 h Cultural Activity: Guided Walking Tour in the historic city centre.

  • 20.00 h Cocktail (Rectorado Rooftop Terrace).

  • 10.00 h Bus transfer to Networking event’s venue.
    Pick-up point: Rectorado de la Universidad de Málaga (Av. Cervantes, nº2).

    Participants are kindly advised to bring their luggage along with them and leave it safely stored in the bus, as the bus will return to Seville right after the Closing lunch.

  • 10.30 h Official Opening of the Networking event. GreenRay building (Blvr. Louis Pasteur, 47).

    Prof. Dr José Ángel Narvaez Bueno, Rector of the University of Malaga.

    Prof. Dr Marek Kręglewski, President of the Compostela Group of Universities.

  • 11.00 h Session B: Entrepreneurship and Employability. GreenRay building (Blvr. Louis Pasteur, 47)

    Keynote speaker: Prof. Dr Rafael Ventura, Vice-chancellor for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

    Questions, discussion and closing remarks.

  • 11.30 h Coffee Break. GreenRay building. (Blvr. Louis Pasteur, 47)

  • 12.15 h Session A: Sustainability. Smart-campus UMA project IHSM (Instituto de Hortofruticultura Subtropical y Mediterránea).

    Keynote speaker: PROF. DR RAQUEL BARCO, Vice-chancellor for Smart-Campus.

    Questions, discussion and closing remarks.

  • 12.45 h Visit to IHSM (Instituto de Hortofruticultura Subtropical y Mediterránea).

  • 13.45 h Closing Lunch IHSM (Instituto de Hortofruticultura Subtropical y Mediterránea).

  • 15.30 h Return to Seville.

    Buses will pick up participants at the door of the restaurant and will leave them at Seville’s Rectorate (San Fernando 4, 41004, Seville).

  • 11.30 h Cultural activity: ‘Coexistence of civilizations’ | Meeting point: Puerta de la Fama (San Fernando, 4, 41004, Seville).

    Guided tour in two groups (Spanish and English) on heritage and local itineraries as a melting pot.

    Itinerary (1 hour tour):

    - Rectorate

    - Jerez Gate

    - Archive of the Indies

    - Royal Alcázar

    - Cathedral

    - Santa Marta Sq.

    - Mateos Gago St.

    - Center for Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville (CICUS)

    - Old Jewish Quarter

    - Gardens of Murillo

    - Back to the Rectorate

  • 13.30 h Buffet | Rector’s Gallery.

  • 15.00 h Registration of participants | Paraninfo entrance hall.

  • 16.30 h Official opening of the XXIX General Assembly of the CGU | Paraninfo of the University.

    Prof. Dr Miguel Ángel Castro Arroyo, rector of the University of Seville.

    Prof. Dr Marek Kręglewski, president of the Compostela Group of Universities.

  • 16.45 h General Council meeting | Paraninfo of the University.

    1. Reading and approval, if appropriate, of the Minutes of the previous meeting.

    2. Report of the president.

    3. Memberships.

    4. Report of the executive secretary.

    5. Financial reporting.

    Awards of prizes of the Research Pitches Contest.


  • 18.30 h Elections for the Presidency | Paraninfo of the University.

  • 21.00 h Presentation Ceremony of the XXVII International Prize Grupo Compostela-Xunta de Galicia | Paraninfo of the University.
    Gala dinner | Patio de la Fuente of the Rectorate.

COMPOSTELA DIALOGUES IN HIGHER EDUCATION ‘Institutional Networks and Alliances. How to improve the connections’

  • 09.45 h Official opening of the Compostela Dialogues in Higher Education | Paraninfo of the University.

  • 10.00 h Keynote speaker: “The role of university networks in shaping Europe’s Future”

    Prof. Dr Josep Maria Garrell, president of the European University Association.

  • 10.30 h Roundtable: ‘Institutional Networks operating in Latin America. How to improve the connections.

    Moderator: Prof. César E. Gutiérrez Jurado, director for Internationalization and Outreach at the Autonomous University of Chihuahua.

    Proposed panellists:

    - Incoming president of the Compostela Group of Universities (CGU).

    - President of the Ibero-American University Association for Postgraduate studies (AUIP).

    - Delegate of President of Tordesillas Group.

    - Secretary general of Union of Universities of Latin America and The Caribbean (UDUALC).

  • 11.30 h Coffee break| Rector’s Gallery.


  • 12.00 h Official opening of the Compostela Café | Paraninfo of the University.

    Chair: Prof. Dr Antonio López Díaz, rector of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

    Parallel thematic tables:

    ‘European Universities Alliances. How to get synergies’.

    Discussant: Dr Mª Ángeles Heras, deputy assistant director-general for Social, Cultural, Educational, Health and Consumer’s Affairs at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

    ‘Alliances and projects between European and Ibero-American Universities’ | meeting room tbc.

    Discussant:Slavomír Rudenko, Director for International Affairs, Pan-European University.

    Conclusions of the Compostela café.

  • 13.30 h Closure of the General Assembly | Paraninfo of the University.

    Conclusions of the General Assembly.

    Prof. Dr Marek Kręglewski

    Presentation of marble shell to the host University

  • 14.00 h Closing lunch | Rector’s Gallery


The XXIX General Assembly of the CGU will be held at the Rectorate of the University of Seville (first floor).  Calle San Fernando, 4, 41004, Seville.

The Rectorate, located in the former Royal Tobacco Factory, is in the city centre and close to the Cathedral, the Alcázar and Santa Cruz district.

Getting to the conference


San Pablo International Airport (SVQ) is the second busiest airport in the Spanish region of Andalusia and its proximity to the airports of Jerez de la Frontera, Malaga and Faro (Portugal), multiply the possibilities of air connections with other parts of the world.

Find here all the airlines with which Seville airport operates.

Attention to travelers: telephone +34 91 321 10 00, email svqcas@aena.es.


From Santa Justa Station in Seville there are rail connections with several Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, etc.) by the Alta Velocidad Española-AVE (Spanish high speed train) and with other European cities by the International AVE.

Find here the main short, medium and long distance train connections.

Attention to travelers.

Local Transport

There are available several types of tickets and travel cards in the city, among them the so-called “Tarjeta Consorcio de Transportes”, which allows you to travel on the metro, tramway and local bus.


The official taxis in Seville are white, with a yellow stripe on the side where they have the coat of arms of the city. It is the most recommended for moving around at night.
Some taxi companies are:

Radio Taxi +34 954 58 00 00 / +34 954 57 11 11.

Radio Taxi Giralda +34 954 99 80 70 / +34 954 67 55 55 / +34 652 92 71 98.

Tele Taxi Sevilla +34 954 62 22 22.

Taxi Vip Sevilla +34 655 93 00 67 / +34 954 60 00 20.

The average taxi fare is 5-15 €


There are about 50 metropolitan bus lines operated by Tussam with which you can access any point of the city of Seville, between 6.00 am and 11.00 pm. The closest stops to the venue of the event are: Puerta Jerez, Paseo Colón – Jardines Cristina and Prado de San Sebastián.

Closest stops:

Puerta Jerez

Paseo Colón - Jardines Cristina

Prado de San Sebastián

One way ticket: 1.4 €, sold on board the buses, or at the tram vending machines (at each stop).

There are several travel cards available. More information at “Tussam” https://tussam.es/en

Find out here which is the most appropriate line for the local route you want to take.

Traveler’s helpline: +34 955 010 010.


Tussam also manages a tramway service, so-called Metrocentro. Its single line (T1) connects the city hall in Plaza Nueva with other key points in the city. The closest stop to the venue of the event is Puerta Jerez.

One way ticket 1.40 €, sold at the vending machines at each stop, and online

You can use the same travel cards as for the bus. More information at “Tussam” https://tussam.es/en

Find out here the main tramway line in Seville.

Attention to travelers: telephone +34 955 038 665, email info@tranviasdesevilla.com.


Seville has a metro line every day between 6:00 am and 11:30 pm approximately. A quick and easy way to move around the city. The closest station to the venue of the event is Puerta Jerez

Tickets are sold at the stations. Also, mobile phone payment and contactless credit cards are commonly used. There are several types of tickets and travel cards, including the “Transport Consortium Card” that allows journeys on the Seville metro, tram and bus. More information at Metro-Sevilla https://www.metro-sevilla.es/en/tickets-fares

Metro Sevilla helps you calculate your commute.

Attention to travelers.


+34 954 55 10 00


For general enquiries, please contact:




San Fernando, 4. Seville.