INFLA 2018

5th inter-disciplinary conference RESEARCH & FLAMENCO (Investigación y Flamenco, INFLA)

June 7th & 8th, 2018, Seville (Spain)


  • Enrique Cámara de Landa, University of Valladolid. Spain.
  • Aggelos Pikrakis, University of Piraeus. Greece.


  • Rocío Márquez, June 7th.
  • Flamencos Cofla, Raquel Cabello, Hilario Jiménez, Inma Morales, Antonio Bonilla, June 8th.

The 5th edition of the INFLA conference is the continuation of an effort to encourage research related to flamenco music in an academic environment, including multi-disciplinary approaches and studies targeting the relation of flamenco to other music genres. Potential participants are students and researchers who carry out work related to flamenco, including, but not limited to, the following aspect: Anthropology, aesthetics, history, sociology, psychology, musicology, education, engineering, computer science, mathematics, philology, literature, journalism, business, medicine, archiving, marketing, photography and art.

We invite potential authors to submit works related to any aspect relevant to research on flamenco music and furthermore encourage the submission of works related to other oral music traditions, which could potentially find application in flamenco music.

INFLA is an international bilingual event, and submissions and talks can be in Spanish or English language. Abstracts of all accepted papers will be made available in both languages.