The Cordovan proportion in the Andalusian Art.

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XV Spanish Meeting on Computational Geometry
Sevilla, June 26-28, 2013


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Please note that 15 minutes are allocated for each presentation and 5 minutes for questions and the transition to the next talk.

Wednesday June 26, 2013
08:00 h.: Conference registration
09:00 h.: Welcome and opening speech
09:30 h.: Invited talk
Art gallery problems, old and recent.
Jorge Urrutia
10:30 h.: Session 1
10:30 h.: Continuous surveillance of points by rotating floodlights.
Sergey Bereg, José-Miguel Díaz-Báñez, Marta Fort, Mario A. López, Pablo Pérez-Lantero, and Jorge Urrutia.
10:50 h.: Some results on open edge guarding of polygons.
Antonio L. Bajuelos, Santiago Canales, Gregorio Hernández, Mafalda Martins, and Inês Matos.
11:10 h.: Guarding the vertices of thin orthogonal polygons is NP-hard.
Ana Paula Tomás.
11:30 h.: Coffee break
12:00 h.: Session 2
12:00 h.: Solving common influence region queries with the GPU.
Marta Fort and J. Antoni Sellarès.
12:20 h.: Reporting flock patterns on the GPU.
Marta Fort, J. Antoni Sellarès, and Nacho Valladares.
12.40 h.: Parallel constrained Delaunay triangulation.
Narcís Coll and Marité Guerrieri.
13:00 h Metaheuristic approaches for the Minimum Dilation Triangulation problem.
María Gisela Dorzán, Mario Guillermo Leguizamón, Efrén Mezura-Montes, and Gregorio Hernández.
13:30 h.: Lunch
15:30 h.: Invited talk
Three location tapas calling for CG sauce.
Frank Plastria
16:30 h.: Coffee break
17:00 h.: Session 3
17:00 h.: On the barrier-resilience of arrangements of ray-sensors.
David Kirkpatrick, Boting Yang, and Sandra Zilles.
17:20 h.: Computing the stretch of an embedded graph.
Sergio Cabello , Markus Chimani, and Petr Hlinčný.
17.40 h.: An algorithm that constructs irreducible triangulations of once-punctured surfaces.
M. José Chávez, Serge Lawrencenko, José R. Portillo, and M. Trinidad Villar.
18:00 h.: On the enumeration of permutominoes.
Ana Paula Tomás.
18:20 h.: Distance domination, guarding and vertex cover for maximal outerplanar graphs.
Santiago Canales, Gregorio Hernández, Mafalda Martins, and Inês Matos.

Thursday June 27, 2013
09:00 h.: Invited talk
Abstract Voronoi Diagrams.
Rolf Klein
10:00 h.: Session 4
10:00 h.: Equipartitioning triangles.
Pedro Ramos and William Steiger.
10:20 h.: On the nonexistence of k-reptile simplices in R3 and R4.
Jan Kynčl and Zuzana Safernova.
10.40 h.: Drawing the double circle on a grid of minimum size.
Sergey Bereg, Ruy Fabila-Monroy, David Flores-Peñaloza, Mario A. López, and Pablo Pérez-Lantero.
11:00 h.: Coffee break
11:30 h.: Session 5
11:30 h.: SensoGraph: Using proximity graphs for sensory analysis.
David N. de Miguel, David Orden, Encarnación Fernández-Fernández, José M. Rodríguez-Nogales and Josefina Vila-Crespo.
11:50 h.: Simulated Annealing applied to the MWPT problem.
Edilma Olinda Gagliardi, Mario Guillermo Leguizamón, and Gregorio Hernández.
12.10 h.: A symbolic-numeric dynamic geometry environment for the computation of equidistant curves.
Miguel A. Abánades and Francisco Botana.
12:30 h.: Simulating distributed algorithms for lattice agents.
Oswin Aichholzer, Thomas Hackl, Vera Sacristan, Birgit Vogtenhuber, and Reinhard Wallner.
13:00 h.: Lunch
15:00 h.: Session 6
15:00 h.: Empty convex polytopes in random point sets
József Balogh, Hernán González-Aguilar, and Gelasio Salazar.
15:20 h.: Note on the number of obtuse angles in point sets.
Ruy Fabila-Monroy, Clemens Huemer, and Eulàlia Tramuns.
15:40 h.: Stabbing simplices of point sets with k-flats.
Javier Cano, Ferran Hurtado, and Jorge Urrutia.
16.00 h.: Stackable tessellations.
Lluís Enrique and Rafel Jaume.
16:30 h.: Business meeting
20:30 h.: Flamenco Concert at the Restaurant "Los Seises"
21:30 h.: Conference Dinner at the Restaurant "Los Seises"

Friday June 28, 2013
09:30 h. Session 7
09:30 h. Improved enumeration of simple topological graphs.
Jan Kynčl.
09:50 h. On three parameters of invisibility graphs.
Josef Cibulka, Miroslav Korbelář, Jan Kynčl, Viola Mészáros, Rudolf Stolař, and Pavel Valtr.
10.10 h.: On making a graph crossing-critical.
César Hernández Vélez and Jesús Leaños.
10:30 h.: Witness bar visibility.
Carmen Cortés, Ferran Hurtado, Alberto Márquez, and Jesús Valenzuela.
10:50 h.: The alternating path problem revisited.
Mercè Claverol, Delia Garijo, Ferran Hurtado, Dolores Lara and Carlos Seara.
11:10 h.: Coffee break
11:40 h.: Session 8
11:40 h.: Phase transitions in the Ramsey-Turan theory
József Balogh.
12:00 h.: On 4-connected geometric graphs.
Alfredo García, Clemens Huemer, Javier Tejel, and Pavel Valtr.
12.20 h.: Monotone crossing number of complete graphs.
Martin Balko, Radoslav Fulek, and Jan Kynčl.
12:40 h.: Flips in combinatorial pointed pseudo-triangulations with face degree at most four.
Oswin Aichholzer, Thomas Hackl, David Orden, Alexander Pilz, María Saumell, and Birgit Vogtenhuber.
13:00 h.: Break
13:15 h.: Invited talk
Recent developments in the crossing number of the complete graph.
Pedro Ramos
14:30 h.: Lunch


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